C&D's Awards & Recognition

C&D Printing Company works diligently to deliver high quality and practice state of the art printing methods. Listed are some awards the company has received.


Sappi Printers of the Year Winner in '11, '05, '07

Sappi's Printers of the Year awards are regarded as the world's most respected accolade in printed communications. Winners of the program showcase innovation and excellence, and demonstrate how print continues to be a vital and relevant medium.

Benny Awards

Issued by the Printing Industries of America, the Premier Print Award Competition recognizes the highest quality printed pieces in various categories from around the world. Each year, only the most worthy pieces receive Awards of Recognition, Certificates of Merit, and the highest honor—the Benny statue. The Benny has become a universally recognized symbol for excellence in the printing industry. For more than sixty years, winners of the largest, most prestigious print competition in the world have leveraged this honor to gain a competitive advantage.

Florida Print Awards

The Florida Print Awards recognize individuals,companies and organizations responsible for the creation or production of print communications. The competition promotes excellence in the industry and recognizes companies and individuals who produce the best in print media, and is open exclusively to Printing Association of Florida members.

C&D is a G7 Certified Printer

A G7 Master is a printer who has been trained by an IDEAlliance-certified G7 Expert to use the G7 system. More importantly, C&D thinks this demonstrates our commitment to quality and consistency.

  • G7 Master Printers meet the latest printing specifications (GRACoL*) and deliver the most consistent, repeatable work.
  • G7 Compliant Proofing = Matching Press Sheet
  • Quicker turn-around, higher quality, greater consistency, easier re-prints, and most importantly, customer satisfaction!
  • Easier file sharing between different G7 printers and technologies (eg: offset, flexo, gravure, newsprint, wide-format)
  • Many Fortune 500 companies are specifying G7 certification on a national basis as a strategy to ensure consistency for their print materials.

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