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July 16, 2018

Print MarketingTop 5 Reasons Why Print Marketing Works 

As we advance into the 21st century and the Jetson’s age, there is one staple in marketing that will persevere… PRINT.

Printing has been a medium overlooked since the rise of digital, but savvy marketers understand the advantages of accompanying print with their digital footprint. With that being said, I’d like to share the top 5 reasons why print  marketing works.


#1 – Enhances Brand Perception

Print gives you the opportunity to communicate your brand image through the most powerful of senses, touch. Neuroscience plays a major role in how consumers percieve a brand; ultimately, what we touch has a direct impact on how we feel. There are few mediums that have the power to influence on a conscious and subconscious level the way print does.

Strategically selecting texture, color, and weight of paper can enhance your messaging and images; if done correctly you have the potential to positively influence your consumer’s perception of your brand.

#2 – Boosts Engagement

Since print allows you to communicate on a deeper level with consumers it ultimately shifts the brain into a deeper level of engagement. Print has the ability to leave a lasting impression on consumers,  even more so when they choose to keep your piece as a “coffee table book”.

On average consumers spend more time engaging with physical ads as opposed to digital ads. By leveraging the features of your printed piece, you are able to intrigue consumers to spend more time absorbing your content. Studies have also shown improvements in comprehension and retention when information is digested on print.

#3 – Added “ility” Factors  

So, what is an “ility factor”?  In this case, I am referring to tangibility and credibility, but really anything with “ility” at the end qualifies. Unlike digital content, printed content is tangible and consumers have the option to hold onto it for as long as they choose. It is said “seeing is believing but feeling is truth”; Print adds a sense of credibility to the mix, it is that of legitimacy.

#4 –  Differentiation

What is old has become new again. Since the rise of digital marketing, print circulations are down which is good news for the companies that choose to continue using print as a medium to reach its consumers. With overflowing email boxes its easy for your message to blend into the noise, that is exactly why you need to stand out.

Nowadays marketers have collected more data to make calculated decisions about consumers. Designing and distributing an informative and attention-worthy printed piece will differentiate you from the crowd which is key to winning over your future customers.

#5 – Higher Conversions Rates

Studies have shown that physical ads yield higher conversion rates than digital ads; some say it’s because your physical mailbox doesn’t come with a spam filter. Regardless print still dominates the customer conversion pie and everyone should get a slice.

Our suggestion is to integrate technology into your print ads to drive traffic to your digital presence. QR Codes, and Augmented Reality are great ways to make your print materials more interactive.


Incorporating print with your digital footprint has the power to dramatically increase customer conversion rates and we want to help. At C&D we are passionate about our client’s success, let’s work together to make sure your next printed piece leaves a lasting impression on your current and future customers. Give us a call for a free quote!




  1. Martha says:

    C&D Printing – the best Printing Company in the Tampa Bay Area!

    • Bill Serata says:

      Thanks for the raving review Martha. We work hard for our clients, happy to hear you notice our efforts!

  2. Anne Barca says:

    I agree, especially with the part about your physical mailbox. Even if your potential customer is just taking a postcard from the mailbox to the trash, they see and touch the postcard, and on some level that registers, especially if you send postcards on a periodical basis. Even subliminally, they will start to recognize your brand and become aware of your business.

    • Bill Serata says:

      That is a great point you’ve made Anne. Brand awareness is key to boosting customer acquisition. Thanks for your comment!

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