Prepress Checklist

Avoid Delays With a Preflight Checklist

Unsuccessfully including all necessary files or not properly preparing digital files or camera ready artwork can result in both time delays and create additional costs. Use of a comprehensive preflight checklist can save time, money, and frustration.

  • Extra charges may be incurred for such things as converting RGB images to CMYK, outputting laser proofs, creating bleeds, correcting artwork or other corrections.
  • Refer to this preflight checklist before submitting files to C&D Printing in order to avoid printing and finishing delays and added expenses.
  • There is also preflight software which helps to automate the preflight process. However, it should never be used as a substitute for manually checking your files and submissions

File Prep

Printing Set-Up

Check placement of crop marks and bleed allowances. 1/8” for bleeds is typical.


C&D will impose your files for you - Please provide pages as single pages (reader spreads)

Digital File / Camera Ready Artwork

Use a digital format preferred and accepted by C&D Printing. Verify software version and platform, PostScript or PDF requirements

Preparing Files

Quark Users

Once the job is complete, verify that all links are up to date. From the menu at the top, select Utilities>Usage to verify that all fonts and images are linked to the appropriate files. Select File>Collect for Output from the menu. A new window will prompt you to select where you would like the collected file saved. Select New Folder renamed appropriately and choose “Layout, Linked Pictures, Printer Fonts and Screen Fonts.” A full set of files will be duplicated and found in the location you selected. Locate the “collected” folder and compress the folder using using sit, sea, sitx or zip for MAC and zip for PC. The file is now ready to upload to the FTP site.

InDesign Users

Choose File > Package once the job is complete.


Send both screen and printer fonts for Type 1 fonts. Send the same format (Type 1, TrueType, OpenType) as used in the document. Send all the fonts used, including fonts in EPS graphics (or, convert fonts in graphics to outlines before placing in page layout application).

Sending Graphics

Media / Transfer Protocol

Label disks with your name, address, phone number, and any job number supplied by your customer service representative. When sending files on disk, you can use CD or DVD, properly formatted for their platform, and using a supported compression method. Include only the most current version of the document to be printed and no unneeded or alternate versions of text files, fonts, or images on the disk. Always use a compression method (ZIP, SIT.) when transferring files electronically.

Backup Copies

Never send your only copy of a file to your service provider. Make backups. Keep copies of all application files, fonts, images, PostScript, and PDF files. Items for Hard copy


Include composite laser or color proof printed after ALL changes and corrections. Check proofs to ensure they accurately reflect the graphics, fonts, bleeds and include crop marks if required. Note on proof if it is not a 100% size representation of final product. Label all proofs with your contact information

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