Prepress Checklist

Avoid Delays With a Preflight Checklist

We support the latest versions of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and PDF files. If you are using Quark, Publisher, Canva or another application, please submit PDF files.

Improperly prepared digital files or camera ready artwork can result in both time delays and create additional costs. Use of a comprehensive preflight checklist can save time, money, and frustration.

  • Extra charges may be incurred for correcting artwork.
  • Refer to this preflight checklist before submitting files to C&D Printing in order to avoid printing and finishing delays and added expenses.
  • There is also preflight software which helps to automate the preflight process. However, it should never be used as a substitute for manually checking your files and submissions

File Preparation Checklist

Printing Set-Up

1/8″ Bleed on all sides and crop marks indicating final trim size if supplying a pdf.


C&D will impose your files for you – please provide pages as single pages.

High Res Images

Optimally, raster images should be 300 ppi.

Include Images and Fonts

If supplying native files, be sure to include the images and fonts.

CMYK Images

Be sure to convert images to CMYK so that there are no color surprises later.

Overset Text

If supplying native files, make sure that there is no overset text. This can slow down the proofing process.

Check Color Separations

Check your color separations before submitting files to be sure that the colors indicated are what you want printed. If you are submitting a process color file, convert spot colors to process.

All UV, Varnish, Foil and/or Emboss Areas

Please indicate these properly, either as a spot color or on a separate layer.

The color “Registration”

Do not use this color.

Preparing Files

Quark, Publisher and Canva Users

Please export a pdf with bleeds and crop marks.

InDesign Users

Choose File > Package once the job is complete, or export a pdf with bleeds and crop marks.

*Please note that Type 1 fonts are no longer supported by Adobe.

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