Are you frustrated with the Paper Shortage? So are we!

As with many commodities, in the “New Normal,” there is a shortage of paper. It is just not as easily obtained and in addition, the prices can be volatile.

So, what do we do to Solve this Problem?

C&D Printing and Packaging has Some Helpful Hints!

1-Plan Ahead!

Keep an eye on your inventory and don’t wait until the last sheet of letterhead has been used before placing an order. With some lead time there are more options.

At the start of your project, contact your Account Executive or Customer Service Representative and let them help find paper solutions. We have paper in inventory and may have what you need. You could reserve that paper. If we don’t have it in inventory, the sooner we order it for you the better.

2-Be Flexible!

Maybe the 80# cover stock is not available, but we have 100# in our inventory. Or maybe the gloss is not available, but we have uncoated on the floor. Your Sales Rep will know what we have in inventory and what we may need to order. If say, we have a gloss stock available and you really wanted a matte finish, We have a solution for that! We can use a matte aqueous coating on the paper, or vice versa, we can put a gloss coating on a matte stock. Ask about our aqueous coatings. They are super versatile and can achieve nice sheens.

3-Understand that Prices Change Rapidly!

You could get an estimate on the 1st of the month and when the job goes to print on the 15th, the paper price has risen. Secure the paper early! We can warehouse it for you.

Availability changes fast. For the most part, prices are going up, so securing your paper early can save you money because in a few weeks the price most likely will have risen.

4-Think Outside the Box!

At C&D we love to Think Outside the Box, so include us in your process and we will help you to make the best decision.

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