Equipment List

Komori Lithrone LSX629/S LED UV

C&D Printing and Packaging is proud to introduce the Komori LSX29 LED press. With this new addition we are able to better serve our clients by offering numerous features and advantages over traditional printing methods.

Using an innovative curing technology, the new press offers LED coatings which are comparable to gloss UV. In contrast to gloss UV, which uses an environmentally hazardous chemical process, LED coatings are 100% eco-friendly and provide superior rub resistance with high gloss, satin and matte coatings. The new Komori LED UV press also reduces production turnaround times with its cutting-edge curing process which dries inks instantly; this is a significant advantage for our clients who operate on tight deadlines, giving designers more time for creative development.

The new additions to our capabilities give our clients unique and superior print techniques they can use to enhance their branding. The Komori LED UV press offers opaque whites and radiant colors which display more brilliantly than ever before. Unlike traditional inks, LED inks print color more densely so they appear more vibrant, even on uncoated stocks. The new press also offers raised textures which add depth to printed pieces.

As the most eco-friendly system available on the market, the Komori LED UV press is the perfect fit for our clients who value social responsibility and look for environmentally sound features offered in printing. Compared to any press on the market, the Komori LED UV press has the lowest carbon footprint because it does not use ozone, petroleum or mercury, harmful air pollutants often used in traditional print methods. As a recent recipient of the 2019 Recycling Recognition award from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the new Komori LED UV press aligns with our mission to maintain our award-winning green-certified and sustainable operation.

In addition to improved turnaround times, color vibrancy and versatility, the new Komori LED UV press has expanded capabilities to print on synthetic substrates with unmatched performance, helping our clients represent their brands with ingenuity, quality and craftsmanship. C&D Printing and Packaging is exclusively the only printer in the west coast of Florida offering this state-of-the-art technology. Give us a call to see how we can better support and enhance your print and packaging needs!

State-of-the-Art Digital PrePress

  • Fujifilm XMF PDF Workflow
  • XMF Remote
  • Inksave
  • 4 3.5GHz, Intel iMacs, 32GB RAM, 1-TerraByte and DVD
  • 2 Dual Processor 3.4 GHz Fujifilm Server
  • 1 PC Pentium 4, 3.42 GHz, 3-250GB Hard Drive, DVD, BD
  • 2 Dart Plate Imagesetters (ECO-Friendly), Chemical Free Plate Processors
  • 2 Stoesser Punch Systems
  • 1 Epson V300 Flatbed Scanner
  • 2 Epson Pro P9000 Contract Digital Color Proofing Systems w/On Board Spectrophotometers
  • 1 HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color Proofer

XMF Remote Proof
XMF Remote Proof is an interactive portal that strengthens the communication and collaboration between printers and their customers. It allows all participants throughout the graphic communications process to collaborate on projects and tasks within a 24/7 accessible web environment. It offers the following advantages:

  • Customers approve rendered soft-proofs. This helps avoid mistakes and costly reprints
  • Approval cycles are shortened so that projects can meet their deadlines Everyone involved has 24/7 access to jobs, allowing the printer to extend their customer service
  • Job data can also be shared with the CSRs, keeping everyone in the loop
  • Automated messaging means no additional work or re-keying data
  • Page approval is integrated in the prepress flow, to speed up production and avoid double data entry

Macintosh Software Supported

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Quark Xpress 15
  • Adobe Acrobat DC with Pitstop Professional
  • Fusion Pro Variable Data and Image Personalization Software

Upload Services

  • Citrix Secure ShareFile

Please contact your sales representative or customer service representative to obtain secure credentials to upload files that only you and your C&D contacts will have access to.

Digital Printing

NEW Kodak NexPress S2700  5-Color Digital Press

  • Up to 16 pt on larger size 14×39 media
  • Spot or Flood UV Look–alike Gloss or Matte
  • NEW Metallic Ink or Raised Dimensional Clear Toner
  • Variable Data or Image Personalization*

Kodak NexPress S2500 5-Color Digital Press

  • Up to 16 pt on 14×20.5 media
  • Spot or Flood UV Look–alike Gloss or Matte
  • Raised Dimensional Clear Toner
  • Variable Data or Image Personalization*

1 Xante Impressia Envelope Printer

  • 4-Color Envelope Printing
  • 2-Sided
  • Coin Envelopes to 10×13 envelopes
  • Variable Data

* Fusion Pro Variable Data, Direct Type Image Personalization & NEW Direct Smile Image Personalization Software
All excess material cardboard, paper and aluminum is recycled 100%. C&D Printing is committed to safeguarding natural resources for future generations.

Press Room

Large Press

1 Komori Lithrone LSX629/S LED UV 24 x 29.875 Fully Automated 6-Color Printing Press with LED UV Coatings (ECO-Friendly)

  • Additional Unit for InLine Aqueous Coating with Flood or Spot – Gloss, Dull, Satin, Pearl, Soft Touch or Matte Aqueous
  • KPS and Hickey Preventative Dampening System
  • Electronic PDCS and Color Connection from Pre-Press (ECO-Friendly)
  • The industry’s most environmentally-friendly press helping keep our environment cleaner.

1 Komori Lithrone LSX629 24 x 29.875 Fully Automated 6-Color Printing Press

  • Both presses are auto plate hanging and totally computerized.
  • All presses are G7 certified.

Flood or Spot Varnishes on all Presses

X-Rite Spectrophotometers

Small Press

  • 1 Ryobi 2800 CD Press 2-Color Press with T-Head

All Aluminum plates are recycled. All inks used at C&D are vegetable based and the most environmentally friendly in our industry. (ECO-Friendly)


  • 3 Polar Computerized 115 Cutter with Digital Spacers and Jogger with Computerized Scale
  • 1 MBO B30 6/4/4 with Gate Fold Continuous Folder**
  • 1 MBO B21 4/4/4 Continuous Folder Can Fold As Small As 1.25 Inch**
  • 1 Kirk Rudy 203P Pick-And-Place with Hotmelt Fugitive Glue for intricate card placements
  • NEW: 1 Automated Muller Martini 8 Pocket Plus Cover Feeder Stitcher Trimmer with Inline 3-Hole Punch Attachment 1/4”, 5/16” Or 3/8” Holes and Inline Calendar Punch, 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4, Plus a 4th and 5th Knife.
  • 1 Rosback Saddle Stitcher
  • 1 Acme Singlehead Power Stitcher
  • 3 3-Hole Challenge Drills
  • 1 1-Hole Challenge Drill
  • 1 Shanklin High-End Shrink-Wrapping / Packaging Machine with Conveyor
  • 1 Sergeant Flexible Shrink-Wrapping Machine

**With Inline Fugitive, Permanent Hot Melt or cold glue for Mailing Services

Complete Print Finishing Department Including Folding Cartons

  • 1 Nikko JY-85E Automatic Platen Diecutting with Large Sheet Foiling & Embossing – 24×29.875″
  • NEW: 1 Nikko JY-85T Automatic Platen Diecutting with Large Sheet Foiling & Embossing – 24×29.875″ at Faster Production Speeds
  • 1 Heidelberg 22.5 X 32.25 Cylinder Die Cutter
  • 1 Kluge Platen 17 X 23 Foiler and Embossing Press
  • 1 Kluge Omnifold Folder-Gluer for Folding Cartons in Various Configurations with Auto-bottom, Push Lock and Gluing for Pocket folders, Sleeves and any Box Finishing of any design. Also can apply 2-sided Peel & Seal Tape for any applications
  • NEW: 1 Vega Folder & Gluer with Built-in Camera enabled inspection capabilities, resulting in higher production speeds. Run capabilities can go as high as 60,000 boxes per hour. This will ensure quality, accuracy and improved delivery of your finished products.
  • 1 Mimaki Sample Maker/Plotter and Blanket Cutting for all Spot Aqueous Coatings
  • Cimpack Packaging Design & Die Manufacturing Software
  • The Most Intricate Cutting Die Manufacturing In Our Industry and All Under One Roof.

Full Mailing Services

  • 2 Kodak NexPresses 5-Color With Variable Data, Image Personalization and High Gloss Coating.
  • 1 Xante Impressia 2-Sided 4-Color Variable Data Envelope Printer. From Coin Envelopes to 10X13 Booklet and More!
  • 1 MailCrafter 6 Pocket Computerized Mail Inserter
  • Complete Secap Inkjet & Tabbing System
  • Fusion Pro Variable Data Software
  • Fusion Pro – Image Personalization, Variable Data Printing
  • Direct Type – Image Personalization
  • Accu-Zip Presorting Postal Software
  • 1 Kluge Omnifold with Cold Glue, Hot Melt Glue, Fugitive Glue or 2-sided Peel & Seal Tape applications.
  • 1 StraPack JK – 5000 Mail Container Plastic Strapper
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