Offset Printing

G7 Printer Certification is highly technical. The process requires that each printing device is calibrated using a unique color chart called a P2P and a device called a spectrophotometer, which captures and evaluates color. A printer must demonstrate excellence in three categories to receive master-level certification. C&D Printing and Packaging has received and retained this certification.

World’s Fastest Job Cycle Time

When you combine Komori’s legendary fast makeready, now reduced by 50% or more, with the sturdy construction and highly engineered LS platform, you can run with confidence – and have the fastest job turnaround in the industry.

Excellent Print Quality

The industry proven Komori LS technology with features like the revolutionary Komorimatic dampening system, the largest inker on the market, and Komori’s “ghostbusting” technology, provide maximum print quality with minimal production time.

Largest Half Size Press Available

The LSX29 allows us to print more on every sheet. The “super-sized” LSX runs a 24˝x29.875˝ sheet that allows us to optimize productivity and provides ample room for color bars and gripper margins on both sides of the sheet – ideal for work and tumble and gang runs.

Environmentally Friendly

Komori is dedicated to developing printing machines that make a minimal impact on our natural resources. From their KHS high-speed inking technology that requires minimal paper use before we are up to a sellable sheet, to their low solvent usage, you can rest assured that we are limiting the impact on the environment – a benefit for you and a major plus for C&D Printing Company and our clientele.

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